✅ our baklava created with 31 layers of rolled paper-thin sheets of dough👏 ✅ made with hight quality Hazelnuts ordered directly from Turkey, which make all the difference👌 ✅ sweetened with "şerbet" (share-BET'), a light syrup made from sugar, water, and lemon juice🍋. This makes Turkish baklava much lighter and crispier than most Greek or Middle Eastern-style varieties👍 ✅ uniquely scented with orange🍊 and rosewater🌹 Ingredients: Flour, Water, Corn Starch, Salt , Vegetable Oil, Pistachios, Unsalted Butter, Lemon juice, Orange juice or Rose water, Sugar, Water.

Pistachio Baklava

SKU: P Bakalava


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